COVID UPDATE: We have cancelled all pub sessions for 2020 but we will be back in 2021 – UNTIL THEN STAY HEALTHY & HAPPY!


Prick ‘n A Pint is a men’s health program that provides men with the knowledge and the occasional nudge to take the preventative health actions needed for living longer, healthier and happier lives.

Turns out it simply takes a blood test (The Prick) and a few visits to the pub (The Pint) to build a better understanding of your health. Between the beer and the banter you’ll become a man of action and avoid preventable death and disease.

A LETTER FROM OUR GP, Dr Rebecca McGowan

How are you all doing? We at the Prick and a Pint team want to reach out and remind you all, “You’ve got this!” .

We know that all the information and knowledge you have received through the program and all the work you have done since participating, stands you in good stead for this difficult time.  The strong foundation for coping with change is there within you. 

As the late great Winston Churchill said: “Never waste a crisis”.

Here at Prick + Pint, we feel the current circumstances of the Covid -19 Pandemic gives us all an (ok, well say it,) “unprecedented!” opportunity to practice our learning and really improve upon our good habits. 

So, what do we fall back on in these times of change?  The basics as we know them.

Nutrition:  Keeping up a good amount of water each day, reducing or cutting out any salt or sugar.

(No lollies or chocolate in the house!)  Filling our plate with veggies and salads.  Watching our alcohol intake and making sure that we stick to the 10 standard drinks a week.  Keeping to an appropriate portion size (2 hand size!) and watching your weight.  Corona calories DO count! 

Exercise:  Now is the perfect time to make a daily habit of exercise, after all for a lot of us we have extra time as we are not travelling or working as much. 

Remember the Huff n Puff test, fast pulse rate, sweaty, short of breath type of exercise for 30 minutes a day or 150 mins a week.  Treadmill comes into its own in these times or running /riding while physically distancing. 

Sleep:  Sleep can be more difficult in times of stress but its even more important to practice good sleep hygiene. 

No technology in the bedroom, all lights out, not too cold or warm in bed and sticking to a regular pattern of bedtimes.   

Stress:  At difficult times like this it is even more important to activate your own mental health plan. 

Practice mindfulness, meditation, daily gratitude and work on better communication and connections with your loved ones.

Remember your GP is always there, they have your back.  Most GP’s are available now via telephone for a tele/video consult and most are choosing to bulk bill this service for the time being.  Your GP is just a phone call away and it is a great time to connect with them to clarify any health issues that may have arisen during this difficult time.

We have heard some great stories of blokes working together while in isolation to build on their fitness and support each other in their goals. Also, of men reaching out via phone to their mates they may not have spoken to for a long time, finding that this is now an excellent time to reconnect.   Please take the time to phone a friend, in particular, a mate you know of who may be struggling with a job loss or personal/health issues.   Reconnect with family and in particular, those who are on their own.   It is the time to be more aware and proactive about the one main thing that keeps us happy, “the quality of our relationships. “ 

We at Prick and a Pint still have big things planned for 2020 and 2021 (even with Physical distancing) so watch this space.  We will be inviting you to further functions and encouraging you to get your mates involved in other Prick and a Pint events so stay connected with us.

We hope you are all managing and even thriving in this time.  We know you will take the skills you have learnt and use them in your daily life, even as we are living in extraordinary times.  Go and pull out your notes from the sessions and refamiliarise yourself with some of the main points.  Then pull the finger out! 

Do your best. Consistent small changes matter. It is not an all or nothing.

Anytime you move the needle in the right direction, even the slightest bit, it makes a big difference.

As we say at Prick and a Pint: 

“Knowledge applied is Power”! 

You all have the knowledge, keep using it and go well, stay safe and let’s reconnect out the other side.

Until then….cheers, to good health


“Cheers, to good health”