Your Blood Tests

If you don’t have current results* for all of the indicators below then visit your GP and ask for:

  • Blood Pressure reading
  • A Full Blood Examination (FBE) including LFT’s, U and E and Cr
  • Fasting Lipids including Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and a Cholesterol Ratio)
  • Fasting blood Glucose (FBG)
  • Iron studies if not already done in the past.
  • Vitamin D **please note ‘sun restriction’ on request to avoid charge

Upload the results of all these tests prior to your first session to complete your REGISTRATION.

If it helps use this LETTER OF INTRODUCTION to explain Prick ‘n A Pint to your GP

*Results are current if completed within the last 12 months

**Ask GP to put “Sun Restriction” on this test request otherwise you will be charged $80.00.